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PAX this weekend!  I’ll post photos on my FB page as the con moves along.

I will not be posting to this page until after Monday.

Unless I feel like posting.


3 days ago

more mystery

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Libra cosplay update

I have till Saturday to finish this hoo boy

1 week ago

second part of da hamma complete

now to actually make this look presentable

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what is this cosplay?

it is a mystery.

I got some wigs today! <3

Both were ordered from EpicCosplay.  The first one is a Nyx in caramel blonde (I really love this color) and will be used for my Libra cosplay.  I’m pretty pleased with it because I don’t have to cut the bangs or style it too much!

The second wig is a Aura in dark red and will be used for my secret cosplay. It’s a pretty good wig, but the skin top seems to be sewn on improperly, as it’s not centered and bumps up. It doesn’t matter to much to me because I’ll be styling the wig like CRAZY that the bump will end up being hidden.

Hope you all are having a good week! <3


At the moment I am working on several cosplays at once, and do not plan adding any more cosplays to the list until I am done with most of them. Hopefully all of them will be completed in the next couple months.

I am dropping Queen Zelda from my PAX Prime schedule because I want to spend as much time as possible making her outfit look really good (no rush job also it’s gonna be my first time working with worbla gotta take it slow). A ~secret cosplay~ will take her place.

AND FINALLY I will be selling some cosplay stuff I never use soon, it’s just taking up too much space in my closet and I’d like to find it a good home.

mattsmithismyraggedymansaid: You could maybe do gift cards to online stores like storenvy or etsy, j-list? Idk though, do whatever makes you happy ^_^

This is the best idea bless you.

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So I’m almost at 200 followers, and I’m wondering if I should do a giveaway? I don’t have a lot of time at the moment but I’d like to do something for you all.

I’d like to know what fandoms you all like, and/or if I should have candy in it or something. <3

I know not a lot of you talk to me or like my posts… but I still think a giveaway would be fun to do…

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This was my first time using dye and oh man was it a learning experience! There really isn’t a reason why I used all Rit dyes, they were there and I grabbed them.

Here’s some advice when dyeing fabric! (or please don’t make the same mistakes I did)

1) ADD SOME SALT FOR COTTON FABRICS. This helps the dye take. There is some salt in the product but add some more to be safe. Salt man.

2) WEAR LONG GLOVES. I have plenty of short plastic gloves, but when I needed to dunk the fabric down sometimes I got the liquid in them. Invest in some classic kitchen gloves.

3) MIX DYE THOROUGHLY. If you’re using liquid dye you should be okay with just dumping the dye right in the bath, but mix powder dye separately! After watching a tutorial I thought the powder would mix fine in the bath, but for some odd reason I got some orange/red stains on random parts of my fabric. With the purple I got reds and blues (primary’s for purple) that showed up. So please, mix the powder dye separately!

4)HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE TO WORK. Have a outdoor drying rack? Awesome. A place above a sink to hang stuff? Radical. One of those old, raggedy towels to put the fabric on? Swell. A sink that no one else minds you using? Cool.

5) FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND WATCH TUTORIALS. Do it. No buts. Don’t go face first into something new without a little bit of background information. Then dye to your hearts content.

I hope my advice helps! <3